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Floral Garden double wick candle 14oz

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Light up your home with the unmistakable sweet fragrance of the floral garden soy candle! this plant-based candle has been blended with essential oils, providing an aromatic escape that's totally therapeutic. enjoy the cozy, calming atmosphere it creates as you drift away into another world of relaxation. 

soy wax + essential oils candle (never fragrance)

Notes: gardenia | lavender | bergamot
each candle is topped with dried florals..

cotton wick. beige jar. listing is for one candle
before use, please read and follow safety instructions located under the jar.

therapeutic benefits:
gardenia - improves mood and is a wonderful stress relief.
lavender - sedative & emotionally soothing.
bergamot - it is an antidepressant that helps relieve sad mood and fatigue.