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de-stress aromatherapy candle | 14 oz double wick

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breathe a sigh of relief with our de-stress candle! this organic, plant-based candle is a top seller, softening the air and melting away your stressors like a candle in the wind. get yours today and chill out!

soy wax + essential oils candle (never fragrance)

notes: eucalyptus | lemon | lemongrass
each candle is topped with crushed mint.cotton wick. beige jar. listing is for one candle
before use, please read and follow safety instructions located under the jar.

therapeutic benefits:

eucalyptus - Uplifting & clears away negativity. Amazing treatment for sore muscles.
lemon - Energizing / boosts alertness. Contains vitamins and minerals.
lemongrass - Clears mind chatter and encourages positive thoughts. Revitalizes the mind and body. Amazing bug repellent.