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Sound Bath

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Do you hear the call?! The call to return to the present, to self? The call that asks you to dig within?
If you are willing to answer the call, we are waiting for you.

The Sacred Sound is a 1 hour workshop diving int0 self, diving into tools and ways to bring ourselves back to the present, back to center, back to the calm, within the chaos.

Through this journey, we will:
  • Ground through meditation, anchored by the sense of smell
  • Center with breathwork
  • Release energy that no longer needed
  • Anchor emotions within journaling prompts
  • Integrate with a sound bath
What you'll bring:
  • A yoga mat
  • A blanket, if you'd like to get cozy
  • Your journal and a pen
What you'll receive:
  • Healing candle from Just Breathe Aroma to take home with you
  • Incidence to continue your grounding practices
  • Non-alcoholic beverages + light eats
Your hosts:
  • Milessa Ali - Sound practitioner + Reiki I & II
  • Rusel Ventura - Owner of Rudo Plants & Home