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TERRA-TORY Skincare Multipurpose Body Butter

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Due to extreme climate, Butters may melt during transit.

We do not use hardeners or stabilizers in our daily moisturizer formulation.

Organic raw shea butter, blended with skin-loving oils to create a light, creamy emollient to protect and nourish your skin. Whipped to perfection, we added bold and uplifting organic lemongrass essential oil to fill your senses.

* Melts in your hands instantly for easy application to prevent stretching and tearing of the skin.

* Leaves skin silky soft and supple. * Works great as after-shave moisturizer for face and body.

* Great for inflamed, dry, peeling skin.

* Safe on open cuts or bites.

* Excellent natural skin protectant for diaper rash and/or cradle cap.

• Made in United States